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Welcome to Groundeffected!

If you’re interested in the world of 3D Printing and Model Painting then you are in the right place! I show you how I Print and paint 3D models and give you tips on how to create your 3D masterpiece.

Painting Spiderman


All About Me.

What started out as a small side business 3D printing parts for drones quickly turned into a full obsession with 3D comic book classics. From no knowledge of painting models to printing, assembling and painting an awesome 1/4 scale tall Spiderman masterpiece.

YouTube Channel

3D Printing &

If you’re wondering about how I paint or deal with printer issues, check out my YouTube Channel. I share tips and tricks on painting models and how I troubleshoot common issues when it comes to 3D printing and painting.


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Custom Prints, Painted Models, big and small 3D prints and files available in store now. Also check out my merch like The Zombie Printer File and t-shirts. 

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