Knight Questoris Imperial Knights


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  • 1x Multi-Part Kit Knight Questoris Miniature
  • Has a huge vairety of weapons to choose from
    • 1x Arm-Mounted reaper Chainsword
    • 1x Thunderstrike Gauntlet
    • 1x Rapid-Fire Battle Cannon
    • 1x Avenger Gatling Cannon
    • 1x Thermal annon
    • 1x Las-Impulser
  • Chose of weapons for the hull
    • Heavy Stubber
    • Multi Laser
    • Meltagun
  • The carapace can be mounted with a variety of weapons
    • Twin-Linked Icarus Autocannons
    • Ironstorm Missile Pod
    • Stormspear Rocket Pod
  • Wealth of Cosmetic Options
    • Tilting Plates
    • Carapace Icons
    • Banners
    • Faceplates
  • 1x Household Scion on foot Miniature
  • 1x 170mmx109mm Oval Base
  • 25mm Round Base
  • 1x Age of Darkness Knight Questoris Transfer Sheet

Miniature is supplied unpainted and assembly is required

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