Limited Edition – Groundeffected Coins


Welcome to our exclusive coin collection! A fusion of craftsmanship and limited edition appeal.

Explore individually laser-engraved coins, featuring two distinct options – a finely detailed 20mm nickel coin or an impressive 40mm brass coin. Each coin, while not uniquely crafted, is distinguished by its numbering within the limited run of 999 pieces. Crafted by my own hands, these coins are more than just a collector’s item; they serve as merchandise for GROUNDEFFECTED. While the exact material source is not specified at the moment, your support ensures that future releases will boast upgraded and more accurate materials, elevating the value of each coin. Curated by the talented Roxy Rose, the designs add a unique flair to the GROUNDEFFECTED collection. Secure your numbered coin today and be part of an exclusive community embracing the evolution of our coin craftsmanship.

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