ZOmbie Printer File

This STL file is a 3D Model of The Zombie Printer. Make him come to life with your own colours or watch the video Here to see how I paint him. Sculpted by C27 Minis and Terrain for GROUNDEFFECTED distribution. Proceeds of sales go towards the sculptors and the original artist.
*Presupported lychee file and STL included.


The thunder roared, echoing through the house. Through A small space between the curtains, occasional flashes of lightning poked through, lighting up a portion of the room. The old 3D printer sat on a dusty shelf, untouched. Windows were smashed, doors were broken down and a sickly aroma flooded the air.

Maggots swarmed the carpeted floor reaching toward the printer. they crawled into any entry they could find. At last, the printer felt alive after sitting on those shelves year after year. Its blank eyes opened wide, its teeth rotted and drool filled its mouth. As the printer turned it rattled and creaked. Maggots crawled out of its head as it sighed and laughed wondering what it was about to do next…

The printer fell and darkness took over. Soon it woke up and it seemed to be that same stormy night. Looking around at the surroundings, the printer assumed he was on someone’s doorstep. Again, the thunder roared and a bright flash of lightning hit the printer. “How am I alive and why am I different?” The zombie printer muttered to itself. 

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